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Medical Massage


Medical Intuitive

Massage geared toward healing, pain relief, increased range of motion and flexibility.  A time to relax and be stress free.

Couples massages available. 

60 minute massage: $65
90 minute massage: $90
​120 minute massage: $120

Chair massage available for small parties, business lunches, employee appreciation, etc.
Prices vary on number of people and travel distance. 

Hybrid of Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga styles providing a strength and endurance challenge, while offering modifications to fit every body.

Specific areas of training: Back, Senior and/or Chair, Beginner, Mixed Level, Lean, Prenatal/Post-Partum, Sweat, and Sport.

Yoga Options
Private Instruction: Customized workout for the individual, couples, or small groups.
Corporate Wellness Programs: Customized group classes at your site.

30 minute practice: $30
60 minute practice: $60
As a Medical Intuitive, I am able to discover inner struggles that can lead to illness. Mental and emotional experiences affect the human body long before they are detected or become an illness. This ability allows me to work with clients one-on-one or over the phone with a photo. A Medical Intuitive session provides information without diagnosis, complementing traditional medical health care.

A Medical Intuition session is done in person, fully clothed, and seated in a chair. A session lasts 1 hour.

Medical Intuition and Reiki flow well together. A combined Medical Intuition and Reiki session will offer healing and insights to continue your healing after the session. This session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

30 minute session: $35
60 minute session: $65
Medical Intuition & Reiki session: $80

Raindrop Therapy

Includes the use of essential oils applied to the feet and other areas in a specific way to enhance the organ system. It is a great way to detox and bring balance to the body; physically, mentally, & emotionally.

60 minute Raindrop Therapy: $95
90 minute Raindrop Therapy: $125


Reiki is a Japanese term. A more literal translation for Rei is the natural spirit, the holy or the gift. Ki is translated as vital energy or feeling. The translation that has developed over time is The Universal Life Force. Reiki is not affiliated with any type of religious belief. Reiki is an energy healing used to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and heal the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies.
A Reiki session is typically done in person, fully clothed, lying on a table or seated in a chair. The practitioner will use a light touch following a series of hand positions on or above the head, shoulders, back, chest, stomach and limbs. The client may also request hands be placed on an injury or place of discomfort.

60 minute session: $65
Medical Intuition & Reiki session: $80

Distance & Animal Reiki available upon request

Personal Training

TMJ Massage

Personal Training Options:
One-on-One: Preferrable for someone beginning a workout program to provide proper form and progression

Partner and Small Group: Working out with a spouse, friend(s), co-workers can keep you motivated and stay accountable

Corporate Wellness: Offer health and wellness incentives by providing personal training sessions in your business space during lunch and before or after workday

30 minute practice: $30
60 minute practice: $60​

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is located within the jaw of the mouth and can be very painful. It can be caused by grinding the teeth. This type of massage helps to alleviate the pain caused by TMJ. 

60 minute TMJ massage: $65

Tapestry of Healing

This service weaves two modalities together, reiki and massage, and is performed by two practitioners at the same time. This enhances the healing experience and leaves the client feeling extremely relaxed. 

60 minute massage & reiki: $130
90 minute massage & reiki: $200
​120 minute massage & reiki: $260

Chair Massage

Employee appreciation, business lunches, small groups/parties, whatever the occasion! Chair massage is known to increase productivity and clear the mind.

$1 per minute
2 hour minimum
+ travel distance

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