What is Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching?

Ayurveda is the science of yoga. What works for one does not
work for all. Ayurveda looks at the individual’s personal
constitution, determining any strengths and /or imbalances. This
information is used to create an individualized approach to
transform, rejuvenate and bring balance to the body, mind and

Cleanse Coaching    
Typically, Spring and Fall are the best times of the year
for resetting the digestive system and letting go of negative
thoughts, emotions, fats and toxins. Other times to consider
a cleanse may be after an illness, after a trip or when
experiencing a life changing event.

Cost: $99, includes 21 days of guidance, support and tips.
Cost does not include food.    

Lifestyle Coaching 
We are unique individuals. An Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching
session offers ancient wellness practices (may or may not
include nutrition, yoga, meditation, Reiki and astrology),
which can be adapted to fit into your current lifestyle,
while addressing your personal needs.

Possible areas of focus:  Daily Routine, Diet, Yoga, Astrology
Experience: Restful sleep * Manage stress * Improved digestion
*  Better focus
Cost: $99, includes one 90-minute phone session. 
Seasonal Coaching
Our bodies and our needs change with the seasons.
Smoothly transition from one season to the next with a
Seasonal Coaching session. Reassess your physical, spiritual
and nutritional needs to stay in tune with Mother Nature.

Purchase 4 Seasonal Coaching Sessions and SAVE!
Cost: $359, includes a total of four 90-minute phone sessions
in March, June, September and December

Transformation Coaching
Searching for more? Feel stuck? Ready for change?
Allow me to help you find a new perspective. We will create
a personalized plan to meet your desires! Practices may include
yoga, ayurveda, meditation, breathing, mudras, visualization
and essential oils.

6-Weeks: $299, includes six 60-minute weekly phone sessions,
completed within an 8 week period.

Ayurveda Spring Handout
"I entered the transformation not knowing  what to expect. I hoped that it would provide an opportunity for me to clarify some aspects of my life. It did this - and much more!  Tammy tailored the discussion to fit my needs and wants - we talked about so many things: life, eating vs. dieting, toxic relationships, sleep patterns, healthy lifestyle (that's not what you think!), creativity, purpose, and so much more. She had such helpful insights. I found renewed energy, motivation, and have made new habits that are amazing. I can heartily recommend this to anyone open to sharing, listening, to trying new (non-threatening) ideas, and to have a sounding board. This is especially helpful during times of transition in life."
​~ Sue C.
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