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Reiki is loving, healing energy used to clear negative or stagnant energy out of the chakras so that the lifeforce energy can flow freely. 

Benefits of Reiki include:

~ Boosts immune system
~ Aids better sleep
~ Improves and maintains health
~ Brings inner peace and spiritual growth
~ Balances mind and emotions
~ Helps with the grieving process
~ Can reduce side effects from medications
~ Relieves pain
~ Prevents problems from ever developing

​60 minute session: $65

60 minute massage and Reiki: $65
90 minute massage and Reiki: $90
Discover inner struggles that can lead to illness. Mental and emotional experiences affect the human body long before they are detected or become an illness. A Medical Intuitive session provides information without diagnosis, complementing traditional medical health care. It can be done one-on-one or over the phone.

A Medical Intuition session is done in person, fully clothed, and seated in a chair.

Medical Intuition and Reiki flow well together. A combined Medical Intuition and Reiki session will offer healing and insights to continue your healing after the session. This session lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

60 minute session: $65
90 minute Reiki & Medical Intuitive session: $90

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 flower remedies, created by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s, that balance specific negative emotions such as sorrow, fear, anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm that disrupt our lives. They are completely safe, creating no side-effects and do not interact with any medications or treatments.

In your consultation we may address the following questions:

What is going on in my life right now?
Do I have stress?
How do I respond to this stress?
What is my nature - do I prefer company or being alone; am I fearful, indecisive, a worrier?
How do I feel about my life, my job, my family, my health?

From our conversation, I will create a dosage bottle made up of a combination of Bach Flower remedies that will support your emotional situation.

​$65 includes personalized Bach Flower Remedy

*New Service*
​Crystal Energy Healing

Humans, animals, plants, all living things are energy vibrating at their individual frequency. Crystals are no different.
And each individual has unique frequencies for each chakra, organ and energetic body (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical). When you are feeling out of sorts (headache, melancholy, achy, chronic illness, etc.), there is a blockage in one or more of your energetic bodies.
Each type of crystal has its own unique vibration, which when used in Crystal Energy Healing, can bring the vibration of the energetic body holding onto a blockage back into alignment with the Universal vibration and release the blockage. When energy is flowing effortlessly through your bodies and in tune with the Universe, you feel, think and act as your best Self.
A Crystal Energy Healing session includes:
Crystal grid designed specifically for your session
- Personalized meditation to enhance the grid and your healing
- Practitioner intuitively guides you to choose a mantra to use during and after session
- Crystals from the Tapestry Rock Shop for you to create your own grid at home
- Learn how to design and activate your grid for optimal healing

60 minute session: $75 includes a crystal grid to take home!

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