At Tapestry Healing Arts Center we offer a combination of healing services to balance the body, mind and spirit. Through consistency and discipline these practices become a lifestyle that increase mobility, flexibility and longevity. We are on this journey ourselves and we hope you join us in support, collaboration and determination.

Our Inspiring Yogi...

Yoga Teacher Training at Tapestry Healing Arts Center 2018 changed my life. It opened up a world of love and compassion for myself, and it spilled over to others and my outlook on the world.  All of that was not expected but behind the postures is history, a way of gentle living and so much more. I will be a forever learning, and growing.  My teacher, Tammy is a wonderful person and teacher. She brought to light the joy of yoga and had the patience to help me deal with blocks and fears. Her encouragement, positive light, and posters made it easier and fun. From my heart, I recommend this course.

As a budding teacher, my excitement is meeting yogis and sharing with them. It’s a great community of heart filled people. It lifts me. With yoga being a part of my life now, I deal with stress so much better. As my gentle yoga practice grows my main focus will be to help others with stress and movement. Helping students connect to yoga and return to class often, ready to move easier, live lighter and with more joy.

Oh yes, one more thing, yelling from the roof tops ..... start your yoga practice today, it will give back to you ten fold. See you soon!
     ~Sally Mahrt
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